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COVID-19 resources for clinicians

Follow the new reimbursement guidelines and get discounts on Constant Therapy for your new patients.

The COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly changing reimbursement guidelines for telepractice services. Every day, federal and state governments and insurance companies are issuing new announcements to broaden patient access to at-home services and to limit the spread of the virus.

These changes may allow reimbursement for your services delivered via Constant Therapy, the only evidence-based smartphone and tablet app that allows you to create customized speech and cognitive homework programs and monitor results in real-time.


Below are links to resources to help you understand how the new guidelines may allow you to get reimbursed for the care you provide during the outbreak. This is a list as we know it today, but we’ll regularly update it as new developments arise.


For any of your new patients not already using Constant Therapy, we’re offering 50% off any subscription using the code PARTNER50. That’s unlimited access to the Constant Therapy app for as low as $10.50 a month for as long as the COVID-19 pandemic limits your patients’ ability to get to the clinic. To get the discount, patients can visit or call us at 1-888-233-1399.

We’re doing all we can to help you cost-effectively deliver therapy to as many patients as possible, wherever they are, and however long the directive to stay at home lasts.


Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS): Update to telehealth billing. Fact sheet detailing federal expansion of Medicare coverage and payment of virtual services. Temporary waivers and new rules for therapy

Medicare Physician Fee Schedule: List of services payable under the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule when furnished via telehealth



Alabama: Medicaid temporarily allowing services for SLPs & OTs

Alaska: Temporary expansion of Medicaid telehealth coverage

Arizona: Governor Ducey’s announcement about expanding telemedicine coverage and his associated executive order

Arkansas: Executive order encouraging treatment and communication by technology

California: Telehealth notice from Department of Insurance. New guidelines for Blue Shield of California and Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan

Colorado: Announcement about state of emergency changes to telemedicine services

Connecticut: Emergency temporary telemedicine coverage for therapy services

Delaware: Medicare/Medicaid changes in telehealth policy

Florida: Medicaid telemedicine guidance

Georgia: Medicaid: Updated telehealth guidelines to all providers

Illinois: J. B. Pritzker’s executive order to expand telehealth services

Iowa: Additional billing guidance for Medicaid covered telehealth

Kentucky: Telehealth coverage and reimbursement

Louisiana: Proclamation of public health emergency encourages use of telemedicine

Maine: MaineCare guidance relating to telehealth

Maryland: Billing guidance for Medicaid telehealth services

Massachusetts: Board of Registration for SLPs: Telepractice during the state of emergency. MassHealth coverage/reimbursement for COVID-19 related services

Michigan: Telemedicine policy expansion

Missouri: MO HealthNet (Medicaid program for MO) temporary expansion in telehealth services

Montana: Montana health insurers expanding telehealth coverage

New Hampshire: Emergency order: Temporary expansion to telehealth services

New Jersey: Bulletin from Dept of Banking and Insurance to insurance providers: Use of telemedicine and telehealth in response to COVID-19

New Mexico: New requirements regarding telemedicine

North Carolina: New teletherapy treatment codes for STs

North Dakota: Medicaid: Temporary telehealth policy

Ohio: Ohio Dept. of Medicaid (ODM) enhanced telehealth options

Oregon: OHP (State Medicaid Program) coverage of telehealth

Pennsylvania: Telemedicine guidelines related to COVID-19

Rhode Island: Executive order: Expanding access to telemedicine services

South Carolina: Telehealth reimbursement for STs

Texas: Texas Dept. of Insurance (TDI) telemedicine emergency rule

Utah: Bill regarding telehealth amendments

Vermont: Blue Cross/Blue Shield policy changes here

Washington: Medicaid coverage for telehealth services. Governor Proclamation: Telemedicine

Wisconsin: Dept. of Health Services: Expanded telehealth coverage and billing codes


Aetna: Providers: What you need to know about COVID-19

Allways Health Partners: Telemedicine during state of emergency for participating providers

Amerigroup: Provider update: Guidance for STs during COVID-19 outbreak

Anthem: Affiliated health plans waiving cost-share for telehealth

ASHA: Payment & coverage of telepractice services: Considerations for SLPs. Updates about the Coronavirus and state-by-state updates here

Blue Cross and Blue Shield: Announcement about coverage of telehealth services for all members

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee: Telehealth consultation coverage and billing codes

Cigna Health: Telemedicine codes for STs

Constant Therapy Customer Support: We provide live customer support to anyone who needs it. Our lines at 1-888-233-1399 are open from 8 AM - 7 PM EST Monday - Friday, and on Saturdays from 9 AM - 1 PM EST. And we’re always answering emails at

Geisinger Health Plan: Telehealth information for providers

Highmark: Expanded code list includes ST telehealth services

Humana: Announcement that it is adding telehealth coverage services

Humana Military, Tricare (East): Telemedicine codes same as in-office visits for STs

Magellan Healthcare: Expanded policy for telehealth services include PTs, OTs, & STs

Medica: Rehabilitation: Multiple procedure billing. Telemedicine reimbursement policy

Optima Health: Providers FAQs regarding COVID-19

Priority Health: Virtual visits billing and coverage

QualChoice: Telehealth services during COVID-19 outbreak

Regence: Temporary expansion of in-network telehealth services

TriWest Healthcare Alliance:  VA COVID guidance for community providers

Tufts Health: Telemedicine reimbursement update

UnitedHealthcare: Announces COVID-19 telehealth services. UnitedHealthcare provider codes for PTs, OTs, and SLPs

Viva Health: Telehealth information for providers

FAQs for Clinicians re: COVID-19 offer

Note: If you have other questions, just give us a call at 1-888-233-1399.

Who does the 50% discount apply to?
Your newly remote patients who don’t yet have an account. They can sign up at, call 1-888-233-1399, or, you can create an account for them. There’s a two-minute video here that tells you how to set up clients, or how to link to your patients if they sign up on their own. Please note: If your patient signs up through their device’s app store, they will not be able to enter a coupon code and will not receive the discount. Also note that patients MUST be linked to your clinician account if you want a record of therapy activity for potential e-visit reimbursement. More about potential reimbursement given the new CMS guidelines here. 

What about my patients who already have an account?
If your patient already has an account but no active subscription, they should go to, enter their email, and use the PARTNER50 promo code to subscribe from there. The discount applies to both monthly and annual subscriptions.

Can I extend this offer to existing users?
While this offer is exclusive to those who are new to the remote experience and may need some extra encouragement to get started, we understand these are financially difficult times for many patients. If you know a patient who is in a situation where they can no longer afford their subscription but need to continue therapy, please have them call us at 1-888-233-1399, and we can work with them directly on a solution. We want to do everything we can to ensure everyone has access to the therapy they need during this very challenging time.

Is there a time limit to the offer?
The 50% offer and its PARTNER50 coupon code is valid for as long as the pandemic limits the patient’s ability to get to the clinic.

Is there a limit to the number of patients I can set up?
There is no limit, so feel free to extend to as many of your patients as you’d like, and to let other clinician colleagues know about this offer.

How do I tell my patients to take advantage of this?
Your newly remote patients can sign up at If your patient already has an account but no active subscription, they should go to, put in their email, and subscribe from there. If your patient signs up through their device’s app store, they will not be able to enter a coupon code. If you want a record of therapy activity for potential e-visit reimbursement, make sure your patient is linked in your clinician account.

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